BumbleBee Millipede

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BumbleBee Millipede (Anadenobolus monilicornis)

shipped as a 1 count or 3 count 1-2.5” in length(no extras as they are quite hardy)LAG applies as with any Pods Solo critter! 

Size: 1-3”

Age: Can live for years in right conditions. 

BumbleBee Millipedes are detritivores much like isopods and springtails an can be kept as Bioactive cleaners as well as pets. They can be kept in groups an breed well in captivity. They eat a very similar diet as isopods but do spend a lot of time borrowing in the soil an munching on it an require a good organic soil mix to get a lot of their nutrition from. They benefit from feeding fresh veggies, fruit an some prepared foods. I’ve had them take to zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, bok choy, apple, banana, fish flake, some Repashy gel prepared foods. They also benefit from leaf litter to chew on as well as bark to get fiber from as well as hide under. Their Frass resembles rabbit pellet poopies lol! 
They can release a toxin if not carefully handled that can stain the skin an care must be taken when handling an always make sure to wash your hands after handling well, certainly before handling food. Children should not handle unattended. Aside from that they are harmless detritivores that pose no threat. 

Can be great pets an educational opportunity for children or students of any age.