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If your beloved herp loves fruit, they are probably going to love Komodo Jelly Pots Fruit. And so will their crickets! These single-serve cups make feeding easy and tidy, while giving good nutrition including vitamins A and C. They’ll keep your herps hydrated, too. And if you put crickets inside tank, jelly pots will keep them healthy and well nourished too — so they’ll be more nutritious when they eats them! It’s a win-win. Except for the crickets, that is.

Key Benefits
  • Delicious fruit flavor appeals to reptiles and crickets alike.
  • A great source of nutrition, including vitamins A and C.
  • Also promote good hydration.
  • Convenient single-serve cups maintain freshness.
  • Easy to serve and less messy than fresh fruit.

Usable for gut loading Crickets, Roaches. Also can just be used as food for pet roaches, isopods, millipedes as well as Bearded dragons, Tegus, iguanas, tortoises, etc.... any fruit lover will take down these fragrant fruity snacks!! 

Comes in 4 flavors!!

Stawberry, Bananna, Mango, Melon