Porcellio Expansus

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Porcellio Expansus 8 count.

Juveniles will be shipped to insure you are getting long lived isopods not potentially at the end of their life cycle.

Expansus info;

25-35% of enclosure moist (not Wet) as they like it drier. I offer Carrot, Cabbage, Zucchini, Higher protein fish flake, Freeze dried Krill an Minnows, as well as Repashy foods (Morning Wood, Bug Burger, Superload) Vivariums in the Mist foods (Iso Greens, Iso Grub, Iso Scampi, Iso Shrooms, Iso Peepers) However they rarely eat any, as juveniles they seem to take to prepared food more. Make sure to provide plenty of wood and leaf litter as they eat that more than anything else. Make sure to utilize Sphagnum Moss to retain moisture for what is needed. Also provide calcium for their exoskeleton molting in the form of cuttlefish bone an or limestone base rock.