Terrestrial Enclosures-(Tarantula Cribs)

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Also Available in All Clear on Slide Top Enclosures! 


  "Slider Cribs" are designed to house tarantulas, true spiders, scorpions, scorplings, spiderlings, millipedes, roaches and other invertebrates. Constructed with clear 1/8" acrylic, each enclosure is stackable and  has a sliding lid that is secured with four magnets.  4mm ventilation holes provide adequate cross ventilation. 

-Large Slider Enclosure 12" x 8" x8" (Best for juveniles and smaller adults) 
 -Medium Slider Enclosure 8"x 6"x 6 (Best for juveniles and dwarf tarantulas) 
 -Small Slider Enclosure 6"x4"x4" (Best for larger spiderlings, dwarfs, adult jumping spiders) 
 *Ventilation holes are 0.16 inches/ 4mm. It is likely very small slings can escape from these holes. 
Sling Enclosure 2"x2"x3"
Reusable Spiderling Enclosure. Constructed with 1/8"ultra clear acrylic and magnetic lid to ensure your spiderling's safety. Ventilation holes are 1.3mm.
*always remember to check the lid of your enclosure to ensure your spider will not escape. Given the strong magnetic forces involved in opening and closing the lid, there may slight shifts in the magnetic components. Rarely, this can cause a very small gap to appear on the lid. You may simply readjust the magnets if need be, or contact us for further questions or concerns. 
* Keep away from small children as the enclosure does have sharp edges 
* Enclosure does hold water, but is not meant to be an aquarium 
* Avoid excess heat or application of external heat sources and excessive moisture to avoid the possibility of warping. 
* Each enclosure is hand assembled, therefore minor variations may occur. 
* Enclosure should not be the sole means to prevent a bite, as always use caution with your inverts! 
Cleaning: Use a soap, lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth to clean.