Trichoniscidae sp “Dwarf Purple”

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Trichoniscidae sp “Dwarf Purple” 25 count

You will receive a mix of sizes of isopods.

Dwarf Purple info;

50-90% of enclosure moist (not Wet) as they like high humidity and will tend to congregate to moisture in any setting they are introduced to. They enjoy Carrot, Cabbage, Zucchini, Higher protein fish flake, Freeze dried Krill an Minnows, as well as Repashy foods (Morning Wood, Bug Burger, Superload) Vivariums in the Mist foods (Iso Greens, Iso Grub, Iso Scampi, Iso Shrooms, Iso Peepers).

Make sure to utilize Sphagnum Moss to retain moisture as well as provide wood (cork bark is preferred) and leaf litter to hide in. Also provide calcium for their exoskeleton molting in the form of cuttlefish bone or some take to powder calcium supplements.